Our Company

Paradigm Metal Industries Sdn Bhd provides one-stop engineering solutions for sheet metal industries. We are active in promoting and investing state-of-art manufacturing technologies in order to transcend our outstanding reputation as a quality manufacturer and product service provider.

Our well-trained and specialized team of skilled engineers are equipped with vast experience and resources, ready to provide you with cost effective and high quality solutions for variety range of precision parts, assembly services & pre-fabricated products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the market leader and pre-eminent supplier of innovative and compelling engineering solutions to customers worldwide.

Our Mission

To achieve sustainable, profitable growth, we combine market leading process technology with a highly competent and committed workforce to achieve business excellence which is reflected in the products and services we offer.

Success is measured by our ability to create economic value, bond with our customers and suppliers, promote a sense of pride and ownership amongst our employees and produce a higher return of equity to our shareholders.

We are guided by our A.C.T.I.O.N.S. that shape the culture of Kobay group of companies.


Can Do Attitude


Initiative & Accountability

Ownership & Pride

Never Stop Learning

Speed of Response

Our People


PMI team is dedicated and proactive when comes to servicing and fulfilling customer needs. The ultimate aim is to create an amicable and tenable long-term business partner relationship.  

Success is not only through the ability to create economic value on our products but also to bond with our shareholders and business partners in promoting a shared value of pride and ownership.

Extraordinary SUPPORT

Our sales and engineering team understands the unique requirements from our customers. Our team will also support on new product development, first articles and engineering change orders.

We emphasize on “after sales service" and strive for continuous improvement in our process technology. Product sales is not the end of our service. We ensure your purchase is the best quality and most competitive in nature.